Urinary Incontinence

UI Cube

Specialized device for incontinence

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eCleo : UI CUBE

Suffering in patients
with urinary disease

Urinary incontinence can cause the secondary disease such as chronic vaginitis and dysuria.
Psychological atrophy and low self-esteem due to tension increase the incidence of depression.

  • Urinary incontinence, which is more prevalent in women,
    reduces quality of life and causes psychological decline

  • Urinary incontinence due to prostate disease
    hurts men’s self-esteem.

About Magnetic Field

Why needs magnetic field to
treat urinary incontinence?

To treat urinary incontinence with low frequency, a vaginal cone (Vaginal electronic stimulation device)
should be inserted in the bodyu or undressing, and the depth or width of the treatment site is limited.

  • Kegel exercise while sitting down
    It is specialized device can produce Kegel exercise effects by stimulating the deep pelvic floor muscles using strong magnetic field energy as a medical device for urinary incontinence treatment using electricity.
  • Comfortable and powerful treatment
    UI CUBE guarantees a strong therapeutic effect by presenting the most effective treatment method for rehabilitation of the deep pelvic floor muscles where strong alternating magnetic field energy is widely distributed.
  • Hygienic care without undressing
    Magnetic field energy affects the treatment area dep inside the body, so it is the most hygienic treatment method as it does not require undressing or inserting a cone.

UI CUBE principle

Powerful 2.5 Tesla magnetic field energy penetrates deep into the pelvic floor muscle and prostate,
helping to treat urinary incontinence and improve prostate disease.

Female pelvic floor muscle/Male pelvic floor muscle
  • Prostate
  • Bulbocavernosus Muscle
  • Pubococcygeus Muscle
  • Female pelvic floor muscle
  • Male pelvic floor muscle

Just Sit Back & Get Treatment

eCleo Solutions : UI CUBE

eCleo Solutions : UI CUBE
  • Hygienic care without insertion

  • Convenient and effective kegel exercise

  • KFDA and CE approved medical device

  • Stand alone without main unit

  • Non-invasive treatment

  • No undressing

Just sit back for 20 minutes a day
You can get your confidence back

  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscle and sphincter without undressing, skin contact and insertion.
  • The actual toilet size design considering the Toilet pose for effective posture of magnetic field treatment and designed for easy carry and move with 20kg.
  • Medical device safety proved by KFDA and CE.

Do not be ashamed of treatment any more.

Feel maximized urinary incontinence treatment and prostate
improvement without pain or discomfort through a simple operation

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