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Perfect solution for muscle strengthening

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Perfect solution for
muscle strengthening

It is not easily trained with daily activities muscles that supports the human body, such as the core muscle.
Increased sitting time and lack of exercise tends to weaken our body’s muscle strength.
We need efforts to strengthen muscles for pain prevention and right posture.

  • Is it difficult to excerise?

  • Isn’t it easy to exercise
    with your busy routine?

  • Do you feel exercise
    isn’t enough?

The science meets a beauty

PERFECT creates supramaximal stimulation and induces stronger contraction
than what you can achieve through exercise alone.

Original Technology
  • Abdomen

  • Arms

  • Buttocks

About Core Muscles

The core muscles of our
body are the foundation.

  • Core muscles paly a very important role in stabilizing the spine and pelvis and aligning the body.
  • Core muscles are involved in the movement of the upper and lower body of the human body and respond to any movement.
  • Our body responds to gravity centered on core muscles, and stable core muscles support the smooth flow of the nervous system.

If the core muscles are weak,
the overall balance of the body is broken, which can cause various problems.

  • It can cause body deformation losing balance even if you apply strength to your upper body to maintain a correct posture.
  • It can cause a variety of pain in the body, not just lumbar sprains and back pain.
  • The lower belly protrudes or the hip sag as if they have gained weight.

For Your Healthy Body Shape

eCleo Solutions : PERFECT

  • Non-invasive and comfortable use

  • Similar mechanism with real workout

  • CE approved medical device

  • A powerful 3 Tesla magnetic field

  • Muscle lifting with deep penetration

  • Smooth blood circulation and promotion of metabolism

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